Protocol, Social Graces and Etiquette for Non-Diplomats
Course Information

In the complex phenomenon of globalization, interaction and integration among people, companies and governments of different nations, the ability of individuals to act according to standard norms and behavior being observed worldwide is a must. Hence, it is essential that students, professionals, both in public and private sectors must hone the necessary skills to interact politely in social situations. This includes protocol, manners, etiquette (the specific accepted rules within a culture for the application of universal manners), and deportment and fashion, especially when doing negotiations on business or personal capacity.


Protocol, the code of international politeness and courtesy as well as the set of ceremonial rules and practices; commonly accepted norms of behavior for the conduct of relations and all official interaction between states and representatives should be learned and practiced by every individual.


The seminar workshop on Protocol, Social Graces and Etiquette for Non-Diplomats offered by the FSIEA, Inc. for students, professionals both in public and private sphere who wants to be acquainted and trained in international and regional protocol. The seminar workshop will consist of lecture and simulation. Since this is an intensive training we limit the number of participants to 30 persons only.

Fees & Duration
Cost for the whole seminar workshop is P 6,500.00. This includes AM/PM snacks, lunch, training kits and certificate.
Protocol, Social Graces and Etiquette will run for two (2) Saturdays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm,
November 5 & 12, 2016.
Rules, Terms, and Conditions
Please read the Terms and Conditions and the Training Rules. To complete registration, these documents must be signed, scanned or photographed, and sent to us.