The collection is divided into the following sections:

  1. General Collection – books for general circulation on different subject areas such as political science, social sciences, literature, and military and naval science. Books about the Philippines and those published in the Philippines and authored by Filipinos are included in this collection.
  2. Reference Collection – reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, handbooks, manuals, and yearbooks
  3. Treaty Collection – a collection of certified true copies of treaties entered into by the Philippine government. It also includes the UN Treaty Series, multilateral agreements and published agreements of the governments of US, Spain, Australia, and Israel.
  4. Philippine Treaty Collection (restricted) – original copies of agreements entered into by the Philippine government.
  5. FSI Publications – a collection of publications of the FSI
  6. Maritime Collection – books on maritime matters and border and territorial disputes
  7. Legal Collection – a collection of books on international law and other law-related literature
  8. ASEAN Collection – a collection of ASEAN documents and other related ASEAN publications
  9. Periodical Collection – professional journals, newsmagazines, and newspapers
  10. Country Files – a collection of pamphlets, yearbooks, magazines, and other materials on various countries, regions of the world, and international and regional organizations
  11. Gender and Development Collection – a collection of books on gender and gender issues
  12. Labor and Migration Collection – a collection of books on labor migration, refugees, and other related issues, including ILO publications
  13. Other collections/materials – annual and post reports of Philippine embassies, consulates, missions, and regional consular offices (restricted collection), materials published by the APEC Secretariat, United Nations, and UNESCO and non-book materials such as cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs.