2014 10 09 History of Posts Website Photo

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is pleased to announce that the History of Posts Book Project is set for publication this year and will be re-formatted as a coffee table book.

In this connection, FSI would like to solicit final comments and edits on the history and contents of each Post from former and current Heads of Posts and other officers who have knowledge on their Posts of assignment.
To start editing, choose from the list of Posts the one you want to edit. Click on “Download Word File” to download an editable file of that particular Post. Insert your edits and comments on the Word file using the Track Changes feature or using a different color for your edits and comments. Rename the file by adding your surname at the end. Do this with other Posts that you have interest in.
Please submit edited Word file(s) not later than 17 October 2014, Friday, and send them to posts_history@yahoo.com. In addition, please also attach at least two, most recent, high-resolution photos of the chancery of the Post you are currently assigned to.
Thank you.