The Functional and Transition Programs Section (FTPS) implements courses mandated by the DFA’s Human Resource Management Office prior to assumption of duty at a Foreign Service post, the Home Office, or a consular office. It also handles courses required for departing Foreign Service personnel who will be assigned to specific job responsibilities in the Foreign Service posts.

Transition Courses

  1. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar

The Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar orients participants to the functions and operations of Foreign Service establishments, prepares for relocation to a foreign environment, draws their attention to the need for cross-cultural adaptation and awareness, and provides them with basic information to prepare them for work in a diplomatic or consular Post.

  1. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar for Spouses and Adult Dependents of Foreign Service Personnel

The Seminar aims to prepare the participants on their role as a spouse of foreign service personnel and to equip them  with skills that will help them fulfill this role effectively. They are called upon to share in the task of projecting a good  image of the Philippines and they play a significant part in the family and work-life of foreign service personnel during  their tour of duty.

Functional Courses

  1. Administrative Officers’ Course

This training program, specifically tailored for future and current AOs intends to address the need to retool and re-emphasize the pre-existing body of knowledge within the Department’s administrative workforce. Personnel designated as Administrative Officers (AOs), both in the Home Office and at Post are expected to provide well-rounded support and guidance in areas covering personnel administration, budget  preparation and control, and general services.

  1. Basic Records and Communications Officers’ Course

This Course is intended for personnel of the Department of Foreign Affairs who are assigned and/or tasked to assume the duties and responsibilities of a Records and Communication Officer in the Home Office, or at a Post.They will be taught about records and documents, communications, information technology, and practical and written communications, all of which will help them execute  better their jobs in the Department.

  1. Collecting Officers’ Course

The implementation of DFA policy decisions has financial implications at the operations level. Collecting Officers are therefore responsible for efficient management and control of collections and deposits; and accurate accounting and reporting of fiscal transactions pertinent to collections in the Home Office, Consular Offices, and Foreign Service Posts.

  1. Course on Assistance-to-Nationals

This course will equip personnel of the Department of Foreign Affairs with knowledge of Philippine laws and policies on overseas Filipinos, introduce them to the basic procedures in assisting Filipinos abroad and, through workshops immerse them in the pressing cases encountered by ATN officers.  It also addresses the need of the Department to equip ATN officers  with the necessary skills  on counseling  to assist Philippine nationals effectively.

  1. Consular Assistants’ Course

This course aims to introduce the participants to the Department’s mandate, core functions and procedures, special programs, and support systems of various consular services. Further, it intends to enhance the participants’ skills in performing the basic tasks according to standard operating procedures for consular services.

  1. Cultural Officers’ Course

The Cultural Officers’ Course is designed for Department of Foreign Affairs personnel who will be assigned and/or identified to assume Cultural Officer duties and  responsibilities at the Foreign Service Posts. It aims to enable the participants to gain knowledge and insights on cultural diplomacy and be adept at the functions of Cultural Officers.

  1. Finance Officers’ Course

The Course is designed for the personnel of the Office of Financial Management Services (OFMS) involved in financial budgeting and accounting in the Home Office and Foreign Service Posts. It aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants concerning the different aspects of  financial management, and to familiarize themselves with the new government accounting systems and auditing concepts for efficient management and control of financial disbursements and budget, and accurate accounting and reporting of fiscal transactions.

  1. Property Officers’ Course

The course is designed for personnel of the Department of Foreign Affairs assigned and/or identified to assume Property Officer duties and responsibilities in the Home Office and at Posts.  It aims to familiarize and equip the Property Officers with the general rules and regulations , along with the peculiarities of the government property and supply management system and procurement procedures.

  1. Special Disbursing Officers’ Course

This seminar is designed for the designated SDOs of the different offices in the Department.  The custody and disbursements of public funds require a thorough understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the designated Special Disbursing Officers (SDOs).

Asynchronous Courses

  1. Crisis Management and Assistance-to-Nationals E-Learning Course

This online Course aims to build and develop competencies and skills of Foreign Service Officers and staff in handling emergency situations.

  1. Online Course on Gender-Fair Language

This online Course is designed to prepare the participants to gain a general understanding of the key concepts of gender-fair language, allowing them to apply it to their everyday and professional engagements.

  1. Online Course on Passport Services Beginners’ Level

This course aims to provide fundamental information about passport services, including legal bases and protocols, to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in deciding for appropriate actions or responses when dealing with basic issues about passport services.

  1. Online Course on Passport Services Advanced Level

This online Course aims to re-introduce key information about passport services which will equip the participants with a deeper understanding of the more complex cases they might encounter in performing passport services.