The Language Programs Section (LPS) is mandated to conduct, organize, and implement the Foreign Language Program as an essential human resource development undertaking. It helps strengthen and upgrade the performance capabilities of the career foreign service corps in international affairs and to recognize the importance of language proficiency in the conduct of Philippine diplomacy.

The language program provides intensive learning instruction in major languages to personnel of the Department and other government agencies whose work requires foreign language proficiency – to those in the home office and in constant contact with foreign nationals or counterpart organizations, and especially those slated for assignment to foreign service posts.

Foreign Language Program

This annual program offers the following seven major international languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, French, German, Mandarin, Nihongo, and Spanish. These are conducted within the duration of one year (Levels I, II, III) for the Basic Program; each level is 15 weeks or three and a half months for 90 training hours. Classes meet twice a week for three-hour evening sessions. The Basic Program involves the acquisition of adequate communication skills and knowledge to meet the fundamental requirements of basic grammar, pronunciation and language comprehension.

English Language Program

This is a three-course workshop on developing participants into self-learners on the correct and effective use of grammar and lexicon, writing and editing skills, effective interpretation and delivery of the English language.

1. English Language Review Course

This review course aims to update the participants on forms and rules of International English in contrast to Philippine English, to improve their individual English language proficiency, and to enhance their skills in expression, comprehension, translation, editing and language learning. The course is conducted twice a week, three hours per session for a total of eight sessions.

2. Course on Writing Memoranda and Letters

This course hones the participants’ writing skills applied to the shorter forms of official (organizational) communications, such as notes, notices, memoranda, letters and press releases. Specifically, this course works on the skills of paragraphing and outlining in English and adapting styles for the target readership. The course is conducted twice a week, three hours per session for a total of eight sessions.

3. Course on Speech Writing and Delivery

This course focuses on formal speech and its relation to other forms of oral communication, develops skills in speech writing and oral interpretation, and reviews English phonetics and paralanguage. The course is scheduled twice a week, three hours per session for a total of eight sessions.

Language Self-Study Program

This is a 30-hours of language laboratory sessions taught through audios and accompanying required printed materials or a full self-paced language courseware. Intended for personnel of the Department and of other government agencies who are scheduled for assignment to a country where the official language is not English, to help them acquire basic knowledge of the language required.

Basic Italian/Russian Language

A 90-hour special course that introduces the fundamentals of the Italian or Russian language – grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and an overview of the history and culture of the country of origin. The two languages are alternately offered each year.