As stipulated in PD 1060 and Republic Act 7157, The Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy (CPRSD) will serve as the training arm of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), and is mandated to continuously develop and implement training and continuing education programs for the Philippine Foreign Service Corps.

The Core Programs Section (CPS) is responsible for designing, organizing and conducting rank-based training programs to develop skills needed at each level of the career of Foreign Service Officers and Staff Officers and to provide the necessary foundation for them to progressively move into positions of increased responsibility, such as the following:

1. Foreign Service Officers’ Cadetship Course (FSOCC)

The Foreign Service Officers’ Cadetship Course is a six-month intensive training program for entry-level foreign service officers (Class IV). It helps develop their capabilities in promoting the Philippines’ foreign policy pillars, in advancing economic security, assistance to nationals, cultural diplomacy and national security interests. It will likewise orient them on basic consular and diplomatic duties and responsibilities

2. Foreign Service Staff Officers’ Course (FSSOC)

The Basic Foreign Service Staff Officers’ Course aims to train the participant who hold one of the positions in the workforce that plays a significant role to help propel the Department in achieving its goals. It intends to provide them with knowledge and technical skills required at their level within the organization of the Foreign Service. This course will encompass the theoretical and practical aspects of their jobs, in the Home Office (HO) and at Posts

3. Basic Foreign Service Staff Employee’ Course (BFSSEC)

The Basic Foreign Service Staff Employee’ Course aims to re-acquaint the participants with the Department’s organizational structure, organizational procedures and policies, communication system and security management. It also intends to enhance the participants’ practical skills in creating an organized working environment, skills in written and oral communication, telephone etiquette and basic protocol and social graces.