The Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy (CPRSD) is committed to the improvement and professional growth of the Philippine foreign service corps. To fulfill this mandate, it endeavors to upgrade and enhance the competence of its participants in international affairs, in the implementation of foreign policy programs, and in understanding intercultural nuances through foreign language proficiency.

The CPRSD envisions to be a leading institution on par with international standards in managing learning in the fields of diplomacy, global affairs, foreign policy and foreign languages. It seeks strong linkages with other foreign service institutes, academic institutions and think tanks. It is in constant pursuit of providing appropriate and effective learning opportunities that are attuned to the defined needs and goals of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Its ultimate goal is to create a competent, productive and competitive foreign service corps by promoting positive change and keeping abreast with the constantly changing global environment, evolving ideas and challenges.

The CPRSD is committed to continuously upgrade its competence as training service provider and endeavors to strengthen its in-house capabilities. Its training programs are broadly grouped into five sections, namely, Core Programs, Language Programs, Functional and Transition Programs, Diplomatic Tradecraft Programs and Areas Studies and Scholarship Programs. To be responsive to the continually shifting environment of diplomacy and the age of globalization that has broadened the scope of the DFA’s mandate, some new areas of training are occasionally conducted as needed.

The training programs are designed to develop skills needed at each level of the career of Foreign Service Officers and Staff Officers and to provide the necessary foundation for them to progressively move into positions of increased responsibility. Although Foreign Service Officers start as generalists, they may develop areas or fields of specialized knowledge and skills through the Institute’s programs.

FSI courses normally run from two weeks to one month except for the foreign language courses, which are conducted on a trimester basis annually, and the Foreign Service Officers’ Cadetship Course, which runs for six months. Course offerings for the current year are pre-selected during the preceding year. The FSI, however, reprioritizes its annual line-up of programs to accommodate recommendations from the DFA.