The Administrative and Financial Services Division (AFSD) is responsible for providing support services necessary for the effective planning, implementation and control of programs and projects, primarily in the area of financial and personnel management, general administrative support services, internal control mechanisms, and information and communications technology. The AFSD is composed of the following sections:

  • Financial Management Section keeps a systematic record in the books of account of the valid financial transactions entered into by the Institute, and performs its core functions such as the preparation of financial statements, the formulation and programming of the budget and cash flow projections and budget execution, and the processing and payment of claims drawn against the funds of the Institute.
  • Human Resource Management Section formulates and implements policies and procedures pertaining to personnel administration in accordance with existing rules and regulations.
  • General Services Section performs the functions of procurement and supply management, property and transportation maintenance, and other related general support services.
  • Management Information Systems Section provides and generates information for the Institute which involves computer systems and technology to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making.