The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) continues to successfully implement the Crisis Management and Assistance-to-Nationals (CMAN) E-Learning Course. The Course aims to build and develop the competencies and skills of Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) and staff in handling emergency situations.

The online Course was implemented by FSI’s Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy- Functional and Transition Program Section (CPRSD-FTPS) in four regular batches: 18 January to 12 February; 01 to 30 April; 01-30 July; and 01-29 October 2021.

In addition to this, FTPS also implemented CMAN in three special batches; Special CMAN for the Course on Assistance-to-Nationals (16-25 August 2021); Special CMAN for the Foreign Service Officers Cadetship Course Batch XXVIII (03-30 November 2021); and Special CMAN for the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar Batch x-2021(22 November- 07 December 2021).

A total of 376 participants completed the CMAN E-Learning Course in 2021; of which 197 were from the Home Office, 75 from Consular Offices, 38 from Foreign Service Posts (FSPs), and 66 from FSI’s partner agencies.

CMAN was offered through an FSI-procured Learning Management System (LMS). It comprised of five consecutive modules: Magnitude and Crisis Vulnerability of Overseas Filipinos, International Framework, Conventions and Human-Rights-Based Approach on Migration Crisis Management, National Operational Framework for Migration Crisis Management, Migration Crisis Management Operation, and Selected Case Experience in Migration Crisis Management.

With CMAN as one of FSI’s asynchronous courses under the CPRSD-FTPS, more personnel from the Home Office, Consular Offices, and FSPs can continue to avail themselves of this training program, and work at their own pace within the given period.

The Crisis Management and Assistance-to-Nationals (CMAN) E-Learning Course Module on Magnitude and Crisis Vulnerability of Overseas Filipinos