Spouses of diplomats have also a big responsibility to promote Philippine culture abroad and create a positive and appealing image of one’s home country to attract foreign investments and tourists.  The presence of spouses of Filipino diplomats helps establish an image of the Filipino way of life to other cultures.  It is in this diplomatic exchange that relationships, friendships, and networks with the local community and officials in the diplomatic corps are forged.

To help our diplomats have a smooth transition in their foreign assignments, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), under the Functional and Transition Programs Section, implements a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar for Spouses of Foreign Service Personnel (PDOS for Spouses). This orientation has been via online modality since the pandemic hit in 2020.  This is implemented simultaneously with the regular PDOS.  The participants of the PDOS for Spouses are enrolled in the course as parallels with their respective spouses who are principal participants in the regular PDOS.

The latest implementation of the PDOS for Spouses Batch 04 on 13-14 October 2021 was the culmination of the four (4) batches of the course offered for 2021.  PDOS for Spouses Batch 01 was implemented on 27-28 January; Batch 02 on 21-22 April, and Batch 03 on 28-29 July.

PDOS for Spouses is a useful venue for the participants, especially those who are not familiar with the diplomatic community, to be abreast and conversant on certain diplomatic protocols and the do and don’ts and nuances of diplomatic life as they play a significant part in the family and work-life of foreign service personnel during their tour of duty.

Ms. Shayma Carim-Musor (fourth row, third tile from left), spouse of Consul Gonar Musor, shares her experiences and insights on her session on the Role of Spouses: Protocol and Social Graces to the PDOS for Spouses Batch 01 – 2021 participants
Chef Nancy Lumen-Reyes, dubbed as the Adobo queen, discusses on her session on “Philippine Cuisine: Filipino Food Preparation and Presentation” the importance of showcasing the Filipino identity and culture through food/culinary to PDOS Batch 03 -2021 participants.
Ms. Monika Kamille B. Limpo, Consul and Economic Officer, discusses “Financial Wellness” to the PDOS for Spouses Participants Batch 04 – 2021 from the Philippine Embassy in Madrid, Madrid Spain.