The Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy – Functional and Transition Programs Section (CPRSD – FTPS) concluded the Basic Records and Communication Officers’ Course (BRCOC), held from 15 to 23 February 2021. Thirty-four (34) personnel from the Home Office and Consular Offices participated in the Course.

BRCOC 2021 was the first online records and communication course to be conducted after the last face-to-face training in May 2019. It was intended for DFA personnel who perform the position and duties of a records and/or communications officer in their respective offices, and may assume the position of one or both at a Foreign Service Post. Being knowledgeable and adept in the fundamentals of records management system and communication, and the use of information technology, are essential in the delivery of services in the Department and at Posts.

The Course covered the four modules, namely: Records and Documents, Communications, Information Technology, and Written and Oral Communications. The lecture-discussions emphasized the role of a Records and/or Communications Officer, and highlighted the scope and sensitivity of tasks, and the technical competencies needed to deliver timely and quality work.

Apart from the required attendance, online exam, and evaluation to complete the Course, the participants submitted an infographic project on Basic Troubleshooting Strategies using Canva as a presentation tool.

Capping the BRCOC was the sharing of vlogs courtesy of OAMSS – ICTD. The vlogs, recorded in three different locations – Copenhagen PE, Shanghai PCG, and ICTD, gave the participants a glimpse of a day’s work of a Records and Communications Officer in the Home Office and at Post.

Mr. Aaron Erick Lozada (first row, first tile), one of the resource persons together with the participants of the Basic Records and Communication Officers’ Course 2021 pose for a virtual class photo at the end of his session on “Introduction to Records and Documents”.