The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) recently concluded its online Beginner and Post-Beginner Language Courses that began in 2020. These language courses covered Bahasa Indonesia, French, and Spanish.

The French Online Course (Level A1.2) was conducted from 20 August 2020 to 13 January 2021 with 36 participants; the Spanish Online Course (Level A1.2) from 6 July to 27 November 2020 with 40 participants; the Bahasa Indonesia Online Course Level 1A (Beginner) from 17 February to 16 July 2020 with 24 participants, and Bahasa Indonesia Level 2A (Post-Beginner) from 13 July to 07 December 2020 with 23 participants.

FSI began to offer the Online Language Program to provide language training to Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA’s) personnel even outside of the Home Office. Personnel at the Consular Offices and Foreign Service Posts, hence, have the same opportunity now to access FSI Foreign Language Training.

FSI partnered with Wisma Bahasa, an Indonesia-based language institution for the Bahasa Indonesia Online Course; Berlitz Vancouver, a language training center in Canada, for the French Online Course; and Lingoda, an international language company, for the Spanish Online Course. The language programs were conducted through synchronous mode via Skype and Zoom platforms.

Some of Bahasa Indonesia Online Course Level 1B (Post-Beginner) participants (Group 8) in one of their classes, with their instructor, Ms. Diani [first tile, first row]
Spanish Online Course (Level A1.2) participants (Group 7) in one of their classes, with their instructor, Mr. Andrés [first tile, first row]
French Online Course (Level A1.2) participants (Group 1) in one of their classes, with their instructor, Mr. Bertrand [second tile from the left, first row]