The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) completed its first 100% online Basic Russian Language Course (BRLC) from 04 August to 17 November 2020. Twenty-two (22) personnel from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA’s) Home Office, Consular Offices, and other Government Agencies participated in the course.

The course was intended for DFA personnel and DFA’s partner agencies where knowledge of the Russian language is relevant to their respective agency’s mandate.

Ms. Anna Marie Ablan, Honorary Consul of Belarus, served as the language teacher. Along the course, she often emphasized the value of interactive learning, as this allows the students to ask and answer questions instantly.

Under her guidance, the students learned how to write in Cyrillic Russian Alphabet—applying grammar rules in communication—and were able to identify the correct use of gender nouns and simple tense usage, particularly in the Russian Language.

With the FSI’s shift to provide training services100% online, the Institute continues to broaden its accessibility not only for the DFA Home office but also for the different Consular Offices and its partner agencies.

Course participants with Honorary Consul Anna Marie Ablan (fourth row, fourth tile) and Ms. Chryza Una DG. Sanchez (first row, second tile), Training Program Manager of the course.