The Foreign Service Institute’s (FSI’s) Functional and Transition Program Section (FTPS) has launched its Online Course on Gender-Fair Language (OCGFL), which is a fully asynchronous course.

The Course is also part of FSI’s Gender and Development (GAD)- mainstreaming efforts. As a GAD project, OCGFL aims to equip its participants with the proper understanding of the fundamental concepts in the use of non-sexist language and applying gender-fair language in everyday and professional scenarios.

The Course has six (6) parts: Sexism in Language, Avoiding Language that Excludes Women, Avoiding Language that Trivializes Women, Special Considerations, How to Use They/Them, and “Can Gender-Fair Language Reduce Stereotyping and Discrimination?” (an optional reading material).

OCGFL is accessible through the Department of Foreign Affairs – Human Resource Management Office (DFA – HRMO)’s Learning Management System (LMS). It allows more personnel from Regional Consular Offices, Home Office, Embassies, and Consulate General Offices to avail themselves of this capacity building training program delivered online to work at their own pace.

Forty (40) DFA personnel completed the Course, which was a good mix of representatives from Consular Offices, the Home Office, and Foreign Service Posts. They were provided access to the LMS from 12 to 16 October 2020 to study the Course in their own chosen time, accomplish the modules, and go through the final assessment.

OCGFL is now included in FSI’s roster of Courses under FTPS.

The Online Course on Gender-Fair Language LMS Interface