Notwithstanding the pandemic and restrictions on face-to-face learning, the   Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has been sustaining its effort to provide the trainings needed for the learning and development program for foreign service personnel, particularly in language proficiency.

The Institute completed its English Language Review Course (ELRC) on 29 July 2020, with 30 personnel from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA’s) Home Office and Consular Offices participating in the Course.

This Course was conducted 100% online through classes held via Google classroom and Google Meet.

ELRC is the first of the three-part English Language Program of FSI, and focuses on teaching correct English grammar.

Professor Gina S. Salazar of the University of the Philippines Manila conducted the Course.

According to Professor Salazar, ELRC is a valuable training program that (1) enhances not only the linguistic competence, but also the linguistic performance of DFA personnel and (2) equips the participants to be effective in internal and external oral and written communication.

English Language Review Course participants with Ms. Gina Salazar (first row, first tile) of UP Manila and Ms. Alexis R. Barcala (second row, fourth tile), FSI’s ELRC Training Program Manager.

The Course’s online format has allowed DFA personnel based in the Consular Offices in the regions to have ready access to FSI’s training program.

The shift to 100% online learning is enabling the Institute to expand its reach beyond DFA personnel based in the Home Office and Consular Offices in Metro Manila.