The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) offered a pioneering course for the Institute this 21-22 November 2019, in cooperation with the London-based Centre for Political and Diplomatic Studies (CPDS).

Ms. Celeste Vinzon-Balatbat, FSI Officer-in-Charge (Director-General), coordinated with CPDS for the course to materialize. CPDS is an independent institution that conducts programs for professional development for diplomats and politicians, among others.

The customized course, “International Policy, Management, and Tradecraft,” was conducted for 14 Chiefs of Mission and Career Ministers who will head a Post for the first time.

It was a two-day interactive course involving workshops, case studies, and practices and simulation exercises focused on the international strategic priorities of the Philippines.

FSI invited Professor John Hemery OBE and Retired Amb. Jean Dunn PSM from the CPDS to facilitate discussions and exercises on political analysis and strategic foresight, crisis management, influence-mapping, effective lobbying, organization, management and leadership, digital diplomacy, and effective communication policy.They also discussed management challenges and other real-life issues at Posts, and how to efficiently manage these challenges.

The training program enabled the participants to examine the multi-faceted process of decision-making in the way governments interact with each other in the practice of diplomacy.   They were also reminded of the importance of evidence-gathering and managing relations with different stakeholders required in Philippine policy work.

This training program is part of the Institute’s efforts to guide and assist Chiefs of Mission and Career Ministers as first time Heads of Post for ease of transition towards their new roles at Post by translating learning into improved performance.

Participants of “International Policy, Management and Tradecraft, conducted by the Foreign Service Institute, in cooperation with the London-based Centre for Political and Diplomatic Studies.
FSI Officer-in-Charge (Director-General) Celeste Vinzon-Balatbat (standing), participates in one of the workshops.