The Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), headed by Ms. Marichu C. Liwanag, welcomed 20 new foreign service officers of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) during the opening ceremony of the Foreign Service Officers’ Cadetship Course (FSOCC) on 5 February 2018.

The course will run from 5 February to 15 August 2018 and will cover 17 modules including, among others, economic diplomacy, national security, assistance-to-nationals, foreign policy, negotiation, and conflict resolution.


Ms. Marichu C. Liwanag discusses the modules that the cadets will take throughout their six-month cadetship.


Ms. Amarie C. Zaldivar, Head of Core Programs Section, explains the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of the course. The Core Programs Section is lso in-charge of conducting rank-based training courses for DFA personnel.