The Cultural Officers’ Course batch in the Saint Martin de Tours Basilica, Taal, Batangas, the largest Catholic church in Asia.

The Cultural Officers’ Course was implemented by the Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy on 14 August-1 September 2017. A total of nineteen (19) DFA and FSI personnel from various offices participated in the program.  The course was designed to equip them in the fulfillment of their role in promoting Philippine arts and culture at Posts. The course includes discussions on cultural diplomacy, Philippine geography, languages and ethnography, Filipino identity, history, religion and spirituality, and Philippine arts and products, and cultural briefing of regions. The course also tackled the duties and responsibilities of a Cultural Officer. To further hone their skills, it also included sessions on effective oral and written communication, public speaking, public diplomacy, press release writing and event planning. The participants presented cultural event plans to apply their learnings from the program, thru an event planning exercise. The course culminated with a Batangas heritage and cultural tour.