To emphasize the importance of a balance between professional and personal spheres, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) conducted the Seminar-Workshop on Work-Life Balance for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) at the Institute’s Special Envoy Carlos Chan Room on 25-26 June 2015.

The training was attended 26 personnel from the DFA Home Office and 8 from foreign service posts and regional consular offices via live webcast.

Dr. Ma. Vida Caparas, who was the resource person, gave the participants the necessary techniques to balance the multiple roles they play in their professional and personal lives. Participants also shared their experiences and underwent workshops on how to effectively bring a balance between work and play.

Dr. Vida Caparas (standing) teaches the participants how to detect imbalances in their daily grind and how to address those imbalances in order to attain work-life balance.
Participants discuss and share in small groups their own personal tips on how to attain work-life balance.
Official class photo of the Seminar-Workshop on Work-Life Balance