Newly recalled DFA personnel from various Foreign Service posts underwent a seminar on re-entry and debriefing organized by the Foreign Service Institute. The returning personnel were provided practical knowledge and tips on reintegrating into the social and professional milieu of the home office and the home country in general.

The seminar covered essential topics such as moving and adapting to changes and developments in the Philippines and in the Home Office operations during their absence. Learning from the participants themselves, the group also engaged in small group discussions on the experiences, insights and knowledge they gained from their tours of duty. Best practices at post which may be beneficial to the operations of the Department were shared and taken note of. The result of the activity was a fruitful exchange for both the newly-recalled personnel and those in the home office.

The two-day Seminar on Re-entry and Debriefing was conducted from 12 to 13 February 2015 and was projected to be a regular offering of the Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy for returning foreign service personnel.

Dr. Belina T. Cuevas conducts a workshop to address the challenges the returning DFA personnel would encounter in adapting to their new work environment.
Returning foreign service employees share their experiences on how to adjust after the participants’ stint in foreign posts.