The Foreign Service Institute welcomed two diplomats, Ms. Phetsalinh Duoangsonthy and Mr. Maykham Tongvongkham, from the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs who participated in the 6-day Module on Protocol, Diplomatic Decorum and Conference Management held from 17 to 24 November 2014 at the Foreign Service Institute. The two Lao diplomats joined FSO Cadets Batch XXI known as Salinlahi.

The module afforded the FSO cadets and Lao diplomats the opportunity to learn about managing international conferences and other international events requiring protocolar functions.

Ambassador Marciano Paynor and Ambassador Ma. Angelina Sta. Catalina of the APEC National Organizing Committee (NOC) gave the overview of the module.

Throughout the duration of the module, the Lao diplomats experienced the warmth of Filipino hospitality, especially through the traditional Filipino food and culinary dishes, courtesy of the Institute and the FSO Cadets.

At the end of the module, the Lao diplomats were conferred a certificate of participation by FSI Director-General Carlos Sorreta during the culmination ceremony.

Phetsalinh Duoangsonthy

Maykham Tongvongkham
FSI Director-General Carlos Sorreta presents the Certificate of Participation to the Lao diplomats, Phetsalinh Duoangsonthy and Maykham Tongvongkham, who attended the Protocol module
Ma. Angelina Sta. Catalina
The FSO Cadets Batch XXI and the visiting Lao diplomats pose with Ambassador Ma. Angelina Sta. Catalina, Deputy Director-General of the APEC-NOC, after the lecture on conference management