Mr. Francis Dϋrr, French instructor at the Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy’s (CPRSD) taught his class how to cook French omelette at the culmination of the Second Trimester (12 May – 21 August 2014) of the Foreign Language Program. Cooking demonstrations, according to Monsieur Dϋrr, help the participants acquire a better understanding of French culture. The class also utilizes film showings, quizzes, seatwork and recitations to help students become proficient in the French language.

The Third Trimester of the Foreign Language Program started on Monday, 1 September and ends on 11 December 2014. Other language courses conducted by CPRSD are Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, German, Mandarin, Nihongo and Spanish.



French II participants get hands on instruction in cooking the French omelet.


Some of the vital ingredients used in the cooking demo: Cheese, Ham and herbs.


The finished product French II participants trying their 1st batch of French omelette.